Elias Chipimo Tells Edgar Lungu to Trim his Over-bloated Cabinet

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ECNAREP is disappointed with the decision by President Lungu to continue with the wasteful policy of appointing two deputy ministers to certain cabinet portfolios.

NAREP President Elias Chipimo said as much as there is political expediency in using these government positions to reward loyalists, party faithful and general chancers as well as to entice Opposition MP’s people had hoped for a fresh type of politics that would recognise the suffering of the people and the need for our leaders to live by example by maintaining a small cabinet and by prioritising the creation of decent jobs and a decent standard of living.

Mr. Chipimo said it is not too late to re-organise the ministries and to trim down the bloated cabinet. He said it is not too late to lead by example.

President Lungu this week appointed 33 deputy ministers for the 21 government ministries excluding the Ministry of Finance that does not yet have a deputy minister or deputy ministers assigned to it.