Rupiah Banda’s influence on Edgar Lungu Annoys Senior PF leaders

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E and RA number of senior members of the Patriotic Front are vehemently opposing the importance and prominence that the government of Edgar Lungu has given to former president Rupiah Banda. An investigation undertaken by the Zambian Intelligence News (ZIN) has revealed that deeper divisions are anticipated to take root in the ruling party following strong reservations expressed by senior party leaders. Professor Nkandu Luo, Wilbur Simuusa, Bob Sichinga and a a number of cabinet minister are reportedly planning to openly express their displeasure at the importance that Lungu has given Banda. Some of the founding leaders of the Patriotic Front has bemoaned what they term as Edgar Lungu’s politically fatal engagement with a man who is widely detested for the abuse and corruption that his government subjected Zambians to. The senior PF leaders have argued that it is a mark of political naivety and incompetence for President Lungu to allow Rupiah Banda to start dictating the direction of decisions at state house. They have contended that it was embarrassing to the PF and pure contempt to the legacy of Michael Sata to see the circus that Lungu is subjecting the Director of Public prosecutions on instructions of Rupiah Banda. The leaders who have vowed to come out in the open and condemn what they are terming as an untidy political marriage between Banda and Lungu have said it is shocking that President Lungu has suddenly forgotten the hardship that Banda had subjected Zambians. The senior PF leaders have argued that they now feel like they are under the leadership of Rupiah Banda who they consider to be a corrupt, treacherous and failed leader. There is further a growing feeling among senior PF leaders that Lungu’s subjection to Rupiah Banda has only come to confirm that their stay in power is a very temporal one. A source has further told ZIN that for people like Professor Luo, their reluctance to serve in Lungu’s government is anchored on the attachment that Lungu has suddenly cultivated with Banda who she considers to be a selfish and corrupt politician who will not add any value to the PF government but resentment.