Sylvia Masebo is abusing the court process-Chama

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silkThe Patriotic Front-PF Secretary General Davies Chama has objected to expelled PF Chongwe Member of parliament Sylvia Masebo’s application for an injunction to counter her expulsion from the party.

Mr Chama has argued that the move by Ms Masebo to seek court intervention after being expelled is an abuse of the court process.

Mr Chama added that Ms. Masebo was expelled from PF on February 24, and that the Speaker of the National Assembly was informed.

He further said that Ms Masebo was informed about her fate by Senior PF members.

This according to an affidavit file by Mr Chama in the Lusaka high Court on Tuesday.

Earlier Ms Masebo had filed an application for an injunction and an affidavit in support to counter her expulsion from the PF.

Ms Masebo contended that unless the injunction was granted, she would suffer irreparable injury that would culminate in losing her parliamentary seat.

She submitted that she had reliable information that the decision and process to expel her from the PF had already been made.