First Lady Esther Lungu cancels trip to New York

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Esther-Lungu-FIRST Lady Mrs Esther Lungu has cancelled her trip to the United States of America. Mrs Esther Lungu was supposed to be one of the key speakers along His Excellency Ban Ki Moon and Melinda Gates at the launch of the UN Secretary-General’s progress report on the global strategy for women’s and children’s health 2010-2015. Mrs Lungu was scheduled to leave for New York last night via Dubai using Emirates Airlines.However,yesterday,President Edgar Lungu collapsed during the International Women’s Day celebrations at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka. President Lungu later delegated his authority to Minister of Gender, Professor Nkandu Luo to take charge of the remainder of the women’s day parade. Doctors made a provisional diagnosis of low blood sugar possibly due to malaria. Due to this illness, President Lungu was forced to leave Heroes Stadium earlier than planned. Doctors at Maina Soko Military Hospital have since conducted comprehensive medical check-ups and observed the President.The President was treated for malaria and fatigue and was advised to take some rest.