Lungu’s health condition will not affect PF campaigns – Chama

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Davis-Chama-PF-Secretary-GeneralFront Secretary General Davis Chama has allayed fears that President Edgar Lungu’s illness might impact negatively on the ruling party’s performance in the forthcoming Parliamentary by-elections.

In an interview with Qfm News Mr. Chama is confident that the Patriotic Front will conduct successful campaigns to win by-elections despite President Lungu’s medical condition.

Mr. Chama states that the developmental projects the country has witnessed in the three year and some months is what will be campaigning for the ruling party.

He has cited construction of shopping malls and roads in Constituencies such as Chawama as some of developmental projects that place the PF in a better position to convince electorates to vote for the ruling party.

President Lungu has been diagnosed with a suspected recurrence of Achalasia.

One Response to Lungu’s health condition will not affect PF campaigns – Chama

  1. So Edgar is not a factor you’re still talking about the useless projects of the late failed dictator to Campain for you just building shells of hospitals without drugs and run abroad for your terminal ailments why don’t you take the entire nation there?

    Amos has No brains as talk like very contented with where you’re as if you’r a Mr. Right where you want to oppose events that take place in the public especially on the Podium. Edgar is a CHAKOLWA NO he’s not Edgar is SICK NO he’s not! Edgar fail NO he didn’t he fail due to MaLaRiaH oh NO he has No Malaria, he is well and coming back home, while the doctors say the best sugeons for his CANCER is Malaisiah yet you come out as if being so competent than the doctors.
    Even LAZ have their condemnation on you,you behave as if Chagwa will forever be you backup evry thing that goes up must onetime come down force of gravity at work.

    March 14, 2015 at 18:57