The Zambian Economy is Collapsing Because Edgar Lungu has No Vision

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Antonio MwanzaFDD says Zambia’s economy is collapsing because it is being administered by a visionless leader and political party.

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said President Edgar Lungu and PF do not warrant re-election in next year’s general election because the Head of State was currently not doing enough to salvage the economy from total collapse.

“Their (PF) president says he has no vision and he has demonstrated that truly, he has no vision, completely no vision. This why immediately he took over office, everything has collapsed, the economy has collapsed. Right now, this country has no money, that’s a reality. This country is completely bankrupt and so [President] Lungu has demonstrated that really he has no vision and this is what happens when God says my people perish because of lack of knowledge, He means it and we are perishing as Zambians because we have a visionless leader and visionless political party in power,” he said. “You see, to be very honest, the Patriotic Front in the last general election was rescued by [former] President Rupiah Banda who took almost the entire MMD to Edgar Lungu and this is why today, we are seeing a lot of influence coming from Rupiah Banda in terms of trying to influence the direction of the Patriotic Front government itself. Rupiah Banda is exerting a lot of pressure on the PF government because he literally made them win that election. They might have voted for them through the MMD because of Rupiah Banda and the support that he gave, but is Rupiah Banda going to be there forever and as a political party, can you be relying on the support of another man to win an election, especially as a ruling party?”

Mwanza also wondered what issues the PF would raise in campaigns, alleging that the ruling party was meddling with the independence of the judiciary and that the current fuel shortage would further work to the detriment of the party.

“The issue is that PF was president Michael Sata and Sata was PF and without Michael Sata, there is no PF. This why they struggled to win that election and going forward in 2016, if you look at the crisis we have in terms of fuel, the education sector, the crisis we have everywhere, there is no issue the PF can raise to win the election. The only way they can win is through thuggery, fraud and bribing of voters. What issues are they going to tell people? On what basis will the people again vote for PF?” he wondered.

Mwanza further questioned why PF secretary general Davies Chama, who on Thursday threatened Lusaka High Court judge Mwila Chitabo over a stay of the tribunal instituted to investigate the alleged misconduct of Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito, had not yet been charged with contempt of court.

“This is why you have the party secretary general attacking a judge for giving a stay of execution and actually, I’m even wondering why he has not been cited for contempt of court because he has to be cited for contempt. I don’t know what judge [Mwila] Chitabo is still waiting for because that attack warrants a contempt of court because he is talking about the demerits and attacking the judiciary for passing judgement in the case of the DPP in terms of the stay of execution,” he said.

“The PF, as a political party, doesn’t believe in law and order [but] they believe in intimidation, they believe in thuggery [and] they believe in violence and they have no respect for the rule of law, they have no respect for the Constitution. This behaviour is what continues to erode even the confidence of the international community in as far as governance issues are concerned in Zambia,” said Mwanza. “When, for instance, we had a case of Grayser Matapa who was murdered by suspected PF cadres, the Patriotic Front secretary general, the government spokesperson Mr Chishimba Kambwili were all on record proclaiming that the killers of Grayser Matapa were not PF, they were even naming the killers before police officers could even do their work to investigate and find out.”
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