People living HIV in Zambia support President Lungu’s ‘bold’ move over deportation from China

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Chag manPeople living HIV in Zambia support President Lungu’s ‘bold’ move over deportation of HIV positive Zambians from China

The Treatment Advocacy and literacy Campaign has welcomed President Edgar Lungu concerns on the deportation of HIV Positive Zambians from China.

TALC Country Director Felix Mwanza said the fact that President Lungu made this observation and further relayed the message to the Chinese President on China’s soil is a very bold stance.

Mr Mwanza said the stance makes the People Living with HIV fraternity feel protected and that for the first time they have a President who is concerned about their welfare.

‘His Excellence has exhibited leadership which must be emulated by all our Political Leaders. As an organisation we feel we have an ally in His Excellency and will do everything in our powers to support him on this path of protecting People Living with HIV,’ Mr Mwanza said.

He added, ‘On the other hand, China must be reminded that as a Global Citizen such manoeuvres in the past have back clashed and only contributed to the fuelling of HIV as people with the HIV Virus chose to go under for fear of retributions.’

Mr Mwanza said the best that the Chinese authorities could do is to offer treatment to all those that are HIV positive and need it other than resorting to deportations of HIV positive individuals.

‘Deportation of HIV positive persons from any Country is a gross violation of their Human Rights which should not be tolerated. The West tried to do this in the past but realized early enough that barring entry and deportation of PLHIV was not a solution,’ he said.

He said, ‘Zambia as a Country has many foreign Nationals that are HIV+ including Chinese Nationals who are receiving treatment in various health facilities here in Zambia and non have been denied treatment or sent back to their various Countries.’

‘As TALC we welcome the move by President Lungu as that one of a pragmatic and courageous statesman that will do everything to protect his people including those outside the Country and being ostracized on account of their HIV status.’