Ventriglias to Face Criminal Charges: President Signed the Deportation Order and No amount of Judge Hiring will work

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antonio-ventriglia-bigHaving recently had their deportations quashed by Justice Kondolo S.C., at the High Court, the Ventriglias have gone on rampage making wild allegations of sudden complete ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement(ZPC) and are again on a rampage of casting aspersions on Dr.Mahtani and Finsbury Investment Limited’s ownership of 58 percent shares in ZPC besides numerous false and fabricated allegations and conjectures from figments of their imaginations.
The deportations of the Ventriglias were made by the hand of the now President Lungu who was then Minister of Home Affairs. According to the Attorney General, the Ventriglias remain a danger to good order and peace in the Country. We understand that the decision of the High Court may be stayed pending an Appeal which is likely to be filed by the Attorney General. According to sources close to the case, the decision by the High Court somewhat posses an embarrassment to the Head of State and the Country at large for there is no way that his decision could be described as “Wednesbury Unreasonable.” It is only in order that an Appeal is lodged to nip in the bud this issue. A case in point is that Judge Kondolo S.C.’s wife is the sister to James Banda’s wife!!! Should he not have recused himself?
We now understand that the police are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Ventriglias to pursue them on various charges, among them, obtaining money by false pretences, fraud, forgeries, money laundering and criminal libel. The Penal Code, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia in section 191 provides thus:
‘Any person who, by print, writing, painting, effigy, or by any means otherwise than solely by gestures, spoken words, or other sounds, unlawfully publishes any defamatory matter concerning another person, with intent to defame that other person, is guilty of the misdemeanour termed “libel”.’
In principle, the Ventriglias through their mercenary media outlet Zambia Reports have undertaken a smear (character assassination) campaign against Dr.Mahtani and are now issuing statements through an illegal channel called Zambezi Portland Cement Legal Centre. They have gone shamelessly further to make numerous false allegations that State House has shunned Dr.Mahtani and that the Police are protecting ZPC in a corrupt manner.They further assert that Peter Kanaganayagam is fleeing the Country when he merely attends the annual medical checks in Australia?(The authorities are free to verify this is if they so desire?) All allegations against Dr.Mahtani, his associates and Companies are unfounded and baseless and are merely character assassinations to achieve their illegal goals!!. The Ventriglias and their Perpetrators have committed, inter alia; numerous criminal offences, perjury and are in contempt where a number of cases are before the Courts.
How could Zambia Reports earn the Misa Award of 2014 when its main objective is character assassination, false reporting, mercenary attacks, mafia style fabrications, alarming statements? If they were prepared to stand their grounds of constructive criticism why are they faceless and why run away from being sued for ‘libel’?
Reliable investigations have revealed that Zambia Reports website is based in ‘Arizona’ USA and the beneficiary owner (after lifting the veil) is James Kimmear, an associate of Amsterdam ( the lawyer of the former President Rupiah Banda, Henry Banda and James Banda) working in cahoots with Sakwiba Sikota S.C., Chanda Chimba and funded by the Ventriglias and their perpetrators. Do you believe these are humans with consciences? Do they know that there is a God of justice and mercy? Are they not hard core criminals?
The question then that remains-is the allure of an imminent return for the Ventriglias genuine or is it a trap to bring them before the law? Let us wait and see.