Mahtani is a renowned international Business Executive: Why should the Mercenary Zambia Reports Journalists Make a Fuss out of his usual Business Trips Now?

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Raj manDeliberate alarming,  false and immoral articles emanating from ‘zambia reports’ cannot go unchallenged as the public are entitled to the truth and should be given an element of moral respect!

In the recent past Zambia Reports has published a number of illegal, false, fabricated, mischievous articles with impunity on the person of Dr.Mahtani.

The level of journalistic criminality at the Zambia Reports is just plain sickening. It’s ridiculous how they keep perfecting the art of twisting everything about Dr.Rajan Mahtani to the satisfaction of criminal elements that finance their work and livelihoods.

The latest is under the head “Mahtani Flees Zambia as Nchito Trial Opens” The faceless writer a ‘Evans Mulenga’ should own up with his real identity and traceable  address to enable him answer a libel suit in respect of all the fictitious articles he and his countless faceless mercenary criminals and perpetrators have ‘master planned’. They have no ‘morals’ and will run away when the ‘truth finally prevails’. They claim to have a source but this is also fictitious as the information is far from the truth!What have they got to lose?

 In clear terms, there is no connection between Mahtani’s trip and the start of the tribunal sittings as claimed by Zambia Reports. There is absolutely nothing to fear for Dr. Mahtani. In all instances where he has been part of court proceedings, Dr. Mahtani has always made himself available to such processes and there is nothing to flee for or fear. How does the man run away from a tribunal that has not summoned him? In any case for those who followed yesterday’s tribunal sitting, they will note that after identification of the parties, RajanMahtani was not one of those recognized as parties to the tribunal proceedings. Now what’s the fuss about Mahtani not being around for a tribunal that was not set up for him?


Dr.Mahtani never ran away from all the politically motivated actions labelled against him in 2010 and 2011 and faced them. With God’s Grace,  in the Country before authorities and the Courts of Law. These frivolous and vexatious claims now are totally baseless, lack any truth and are mere character assassinations!

Dr.Mahtani has never travelled to Canada as the report alleges; it is true that he is abroad for the Easter period to spend time with his children and take the opportunity to have medical reviews. He looks forward to be ‘subpoenaed’ if so required by law. The perpetrators suggest that Dr.Mahtani has “not been subpoenaed” so why would he have to attend the Tribunal? Was John Sangwa S.C. also out of the Country and has he been subpoenaed?

The entire article is a conjecture and a figment of imagination of the faceless writer who is now boarding on ‘criminal libel’! Be rest assured that Dr.Mahtani will be available when required as the allegation must be proven once and for all to restore his integrity, honesty, reputation and indeed testimony.