Italians spit on the Zambian court order, says it’s rubbish as they illegally take over Zambezi Portland Cement

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antonio-ventriglia-bigDespite an injunction (attachment) the Italian Ventriglias used their Mafia tactics using the present ”politburo” with the assistance of Sakwiba Sikota S.C., Muya and a contingent of police officers from Lusaka (all masked as bandits)  and took illegal possession as ‘trespassers ‘of Zambezi Portland Cement  yesterday morning causing panic to over 700 employees and production staff. In the company of their ally, Sakwiba Sikota and  alcohol smelling cadres, the Italians stormed the cement plant to take over operations of the company majority owned by Finsbury Investment.  As if this was not enough they pronounced their apparent ‘legal status’ to justify ‘lawlessness’ in Zambia. In the process , the alcohol smelling cadres started grabbing worksuits from the workers who were left speechless as they did not understand what was going on.    

Prior to the illegal take over by the Italian Mafias namely the Ventriglias, Zambia Reports the mercenary ‘website’ financed by them and  administered by Sakwiba Sikota S.C., Chanda Chimba (iii) under the supervision of Amsterdam ,Mr Rupiah Banda’s lawyer published malicious articles to malign and defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani by allegations of a large indebtedness to ZRA to justify their actions. Truth be told,  Dr. Rajan Mahtani is not indebted to ZRA in any way and any claims from ZRA on Zambezi Portland Cement ( a limited liability company)  have been duly paid. To add insult to injury they displayed a claim for royalty tax by ZRA and this was duly settled in addition to huge claims in the time the Ventrigilias illegally managed the operation.

When contacted for a comment regarding the ZRA issue, Dr Mahtani’s public relations team responded by saying ”We continue to be amazed at the impunity of Zambia Reports as to their ”criminal libel” claims which has escaped the Courts temporarily because of the ”faceless” editors all of whom have been identified and all of whom will be brought to justice soon”.


Antonio, together with Manuela and Claudio Ventriglia, all former directors of Zambezi Portland Cement were deported in November 2012 by President Edgar Lungu who was then Minister of Home Affairs.

Effecting the deportation order, President Lungu then said the Ventriglias posed a threat to peace and good order in the country because of  their dealings.


Meanwhile sources close to the Ventriglias have told ZIN that there was heavy celebrations by the Italians following the demise of President Sata as they viewed it as an opportunity to come back to Zambia as assured by Sakwiba Sikota.

Find attached injunction order below.

Injunction 28MARCH 15-1