Sakwiba &Muya resort to lying and Corrupting Govt Systems to Benefit their Ventriglia Family Criminals

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sakwiba-familyA click of people that includes mercenary Sakwiba Sikota and Muya a Ndola based lawyer who is renowned for mischief and crookedness have intensified their criminal activities for and on behalf of the Ventriglia family. Recently a dubious court ruling saw the reversal of the deportation order made in respect of the Ventriglias who were made to vacate the country some time in 2012 on the instruction of then Justice Minister, Edgar Lungu. The Ventriglias who are widely believed as having a strong relationship with  former president Rupiah Banda have since re-entered the country and the spate of criminal activities that have suddenly engulfed the Finsbury majority owned Zambezi Portland Cement tells all the story. ZIN can now  accurately reveal that Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota working in tandem with dubious characters such as Muya, Gomeli Litana and other white collar and political criminals hiding behind the veil have become a fortress for the Mafia Italian business men who have returned. In his typical pattern of mischief and criminal, Sakwiba was at it today all in an effort to please his corrupt paymasters. He earlier went on rampage with a false statement that the Court case whereby Finsbury’s claim for 58% of Zambezi Portland Cement Limited was withdrawn. This is however a total fabrication and just another Sakwiba style of creating legitimacy for his crooked dealings which he loves to conceal as professional legal representation.  Why would Finsbury ask for a ‘injunction’ to prevent Ventriglias from entering Zambezi Portland Cement if they had no claim. Sakwiba is a manipulative  ‘junk’ lawyer with no ethics. All Finsbury told the Court is that they do not have to prove their holding of 58% of  Zambezi Portland Cement Limited, let those that claim otherwise prove their claim!
Surely this action goes to prove that the Ventriglias are criminals with their perpetrators and are inimical to Zambia. Should they be allowed to remain and continue to rob the Country? Let truth and honesty prevail  for Zambia to remain a dignified Sate for Investors. The Mafia style should return to Italy where is belongs.

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