The Truth:Documents from Pacra show that the Ventriglias are not part of the Board of Directors of Zambezi Portland cement

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pacraInformation by ‘Zambia Reports’ is not being truthful in communication to others who have a right to know the truth! Let us deal with the recent reported ‘untruths’ ensuring that we do not fall into the Ventriglias’ category of contempt and perjury where matters are sub-judice.

Only rogues go to town discussing matters which are on-going in Court! Below is a print out from Pacra which has been posted on the mercenary Zambia Reports and which puts the ownership of Zambezi Portland beyond a shadow of doubt – Finsbury Investments Limited is a majority shareholder and the position of majority shareholders in relation to this Company is well known under Zambian Company Law. Even the Ventriglias’ media outlet has published official Patents and Companies Registration Agency Documents which shows that the Ventriglias do not own 100 percent shareholding in ZPC. 

It is not true that Finsbury dropped its shareholding claim in the action 2008/HPC/0366. Perhaps those who are genuinely interested should view the Court documents. Finsbury merely clarified the position that it already owned 58% stake and why should it ask the Court to determine this, rather let those that  disputed this position prove otherwise? Is this dropping a claim?

A few things are clear – firstly, because Finsbury Investments owns 58 percent of the shareholding in ZPC, it needn’t prove its ownership; its ownership is known even to the legal entity responsible for keeping Companies’ record – Pacra. This is well illustrated by the principle of res sua – you cannot be sold (and by extension need not sue to assert ownership of) what is already yours.
Secondly, the Directors of ZPC are known to Pacra and the Ventriglias are not part of the Board of Directors. This is also in the Pacra print out below as published by Zambia Reports.  With all this known, how can we be expected to accept the criminal takeover of ZPC by the Ventriglias? You can fool some people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.

 Finsbury is the majority shareholder in Zambezi Portland Cement and is legally entitled to be in control of ZPC’s operations. Contrary to media speculation there is no Court Ruling declaring the Ventriglias own 100% of the shareholding of ZPC.  It is therefore totally unacceptable and inexcusable for investors, whether local or foreign to undermine the Judicial System in Zambia and the prevailing Laws.

There is no truth whatsoever in ‘forgery of share transfer certificates’. The shareholders’ agreement is specific and the Ventriglias were in no way disadvantaged at any time. They (the Ventriglias) used politically motivated ‘mafia’ style technics to make these allegations at great inconvenience of Finsbury and at the same time defaming libellously Dr.Mahtani.

Comments to these articles are a ‘ploy’ by the same few conspirators and perpetrators and should be discarded as ‘junk’ which they truly are! The Ventriglias’ claims are all false and the battle will continue until the truth finally prevails! It is a pity that so many in employments continue to be ‘threatened’ and work in an environment under the Ventriglias which is not conducive to confidence and morale of the workers! Government must intervene in this ‘nasty’ situation?

Anarchy is not part of the substratum of Zambia which is a Christian Nation, and breach of good order and peace is intolerable. “Be ye every so high, the Law is above you” Finsbury shall continue to respect the Laws of the Land and the Judicial System prevalent in which it has every confidence in.