UPND At It Again As It Campaigns On Tribal Lines in Masaiti

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photoUPND Copperbelt provincial chairman Elisha Matambo on Friday played a tribal trumpet when he advised people of Masaiti not to vote for PF candidate Michael Katambo because he is not Lamba.

Speaking at a rally in Masaiti addressed by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to drum support for UPND candidate Peter Mumba, Matambo told the gathering not vote for Katambo because he did not hail from Lambaland.

“We want a Lamba to stand here in Masaiti, a by-election is a serious business. We will not allow someone from another place to stand, it has to be a son of the soil. In Mpongwe, they voted for [Gabriel] Namulambe, so what’s wrong with you people here? Katambo just married one of us [Lamba lady] here and that does not make him Lamba. On this one, there is no compromise. Even Rupiah Banda when he was campaigning for President Lungu, he told Easteners to vote for their own and it’s an open secret,” said Matambo.