DEC should Tell Zambians if they Planted Drugs on Brebner

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breb manERIC Chanda has challenged the Drug Enforcement Commission to categorically tell Zambians if they indeed planted drugs on Changala.

Changala over the weekend said the charge that Mutembo planted drugs on him was false and that he was not the complainant in the tribunal.

He further said he told the Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa to drop the charge against Mutembo because it was a lie.

However, the state on Monday drafted a statement for Changala and forced him to sign and refute the story that he had given to The Post.

In refuting the story, Chagala claimed that the DEC had finally admitted planting drugs on him and that the commission was willing to compensate him, a statement that DEC has refused to comment on.

But Chanda challenged the DEC to come out clean on Changala’s claim.

“The DEC must come out and tell us openly and tell the Zambian people, did they really plant drugs on Changala? They should not also start dilly-dallying, we want to know the truth. These institutions are in place to ensure that they feed the Zambian people with proper information and if the DEC can play hide-and-seek, then the institution itself is also damaged and needs to be repaired,” Chanda said.

He charged that Changala was a political mafia.

“This is why I said that man Changala is simply a political mafia who is playing gambling at the expense of the life of comrade Mutembo Nchito. Because Changala should realise that whatever outcome of the tribunal, it will decide comrade Mutembo Nchito’s future. Now, if you want to play a game of a political mafia because of poverty, he gets money and then refutes his own words which we have heard, it is very disgraceful both for him and the state itself,” he said.

“That is a sign of a corrupt government, that is a sign of corrupt-minded people like Changala who will definitely destroy this country. His actions are those of a gambler, a political mafia who does not know what they want to do but to destroy other people’s lives.”

Chanda warned President Lungu to be careful with people like Changala who take false information to him.

“Some of the people that are surrounding comrade Edgar Lungu are political mafias with more than two legs and more than two hands. They are capable of taking information to him as well as getting information from him. He should be assured that at the end of the day, they are going to destroy him,” he said. “Comrade Edgar Lungu should realise that he lives in a glass house where every Zambian and the entire world is peeping through and if he wants to exchange stone throwing, I am afraid his glass house will be broken into pieces. Tell comrade Edgar Lungu to stop these political games because they will one day backfire and his ending will be disastrous.”

Chanda described the DPP tribunal as a big circus.

“The whole issue of the DPP is a big circus. It is scandalous and it’s just demeaning the office of the President in the Republic of Zambia because looking at what has been happening regarding this tribunal, it is simply showing that President Edgar Lungu is making pre-mature decisions. Decisions based on concoctions, decisions based on half-baked information.

Decisions that are based on entire blue lies coming from political mafias. Now to me, this shows how porous comrade Edgar Lungu is in terms of critical analysis of various political, administrative and governance situations,” Chanda observed.

“He should realise that he is the Head of State and any information he receives must be digested first if he can make a decision. Now no matter how long it takes, lies will always backfire and it is very painful especially for us upcoming political leaders that today, the whole world knows that in Zambia, there are political mafias bringing lies and the President is acting on those lies. Today, the whole world is now aware that the DPP Mutembo Nchito tribunal was constituted on blue lies and concoctions.”

He said the manner in which the tribunal has been handled had disgraced the country in the eyes of the international community.

“And this is very disgracing to the President himself, the Zambian people and the entire African continent. Honestly, how is the whole world looking at us? Ba Lungu, you know you have been dealing with political mafias. And the only way forward is for you to apologise to comrade Mutembo Nchito, apologise to the Zambian people, find a lasting solution and make progress to stop these political games,” Chanda said. “The same political mafias that you comrade Lungu is dealing with will destroy you one day. There is no way you can say something today and tomorrow you say another thing. That shows that you have no integrity whatsoever in the governance system of this country.”

He wondered why the state kept looking for and introducing new charges against Mutembo.

“This whole process is just a way of framing comrade Mutembo Nchito, if they had the truth, by now we would have made progress. Now where God is, the devil shall never succeed and this is exactly what is happening because the truth is coming out by itself. I am so touched that they want to frame someone just to kick him out of that job. What is wrong for them to sit down and say ‘comrade Mutembo Nchito, we feel we cannot continue working with you for these reasons, please step aside’, it’s as simple as that but they want to finish him off,” Chanda said.
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