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Ba doraFormer Transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya has announced intentions to re-contest the Petauke Parliamentary seat following a Supreme Court ruling that overturned the decision by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to block her nomination.

And Siliya has harshly criticised the Patriotic Front’s governance record in the 3 yrs of President Sata’s tenure.

The former MMD Spokesperson said never before in her adult life has she witnessed an infringement on civil liberties as what transpired between 2011 through to 2014.

“Never before, at least in my adult life, have I seen citizens liberties infringed upon as in the last 3 years. the Panga carrying xenophobic attackers in South Africa shock us, but I believe they also remind us of the path our country almost took, with Panga carrying cadres on the streets of Lusaka and in various by- elections.” Siliya said before a packed press briefing in Lusaka this morning.

Radiating with her usual wit and charisma, Siliya also thanked her constituent’s in Petauke for standing by her side during the period in which she said they had been denied representation in Parliament.

People that attended the briefing were kept on the edge of their sits as Siliya intelligently darted her eyes to and fro without saying which political party she will apply to stand on.

There are numerous speculations that the Patriotic Front is well placed to have Siliya on it’s ticket in the forth-coming by-election.