Saboi Imboela attacks Former Husband and says Owas chose to please a few fools that were clapping for him to do the wrong thing

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mwapeAfter numerous attacks on Social Media over the arrest of her former husband who has since been released, Saboi Imboela had this to say;
“Everything in Zambia has become so tribal and political. I had/have avoided and still avoid to comment on the Owas issue due to it’s proximity but I will say this to a few overzealous tribalists who are turning this into a tribal discussion. Some disillusioned people now support or even accept nonsense according to which party or ethnic group one belongs to. That’s why your Tumfweko was closed by facebook due to lack of proper reasoning and plain stupidity. Ati Owas holds no grudge or isn’t bitter? If u have a brain, sincerely who shud hold a grudge between the two of us??? Who was a victim in all this and who warrants forgiveness??? I have healed from this nonsense so don’t upset me again. I forgave Owas even before the case was concluded otherwise all things forged and grabbed from me could have been added to the case. U have no idea what I had to hold back and conceal from the case just so that he gets a minimum sentence. If I wanted to punish Owas he would have been jailed for not less than 2 years. He went in simply becoz he refused to reason with me in good time and things got out of hand and out of my hands. Once the state is involved, it’s no longer an individual’s place to decide what happens. I tried my level best to ensure that the case never went as far as it went and for that I will ALWAYS have a clear conscious. I did everything humanly possible to avoid a court case and everybody who was close to us like both our families, friends and even the police who also begged him to resolve issues, can testify to that. He had enough time to make amends but he chose to play to the gallery and please a few fools that were clapping for him to do the wrong thing. So it was and is NOT my fault and will NEVER be, it’s only so in the eyes of stupid people. I don’t owe anyone any explanation that’s why I never comment on this, but the truth is that if some people and comments are left unchecked, the people that will find themselves in trouble are not the foolish ones saying nonsense, Owas may even end up going back to prison on account of other people’s foolishness and encouraging him to take the wrong path yet again. This we saw when the case started and hope Owas learnt his lesson on who to listen to and what steps to take when u are wrong. Don’t have a group of dull and stupid people cheering u on a wrong path, when u can easily go the right way. A simple SORRY and returning what was taken, (which is more than the car that all the stupid people are referring to, but even if it was just the car, it’s still mine and I worked for it. Most of u don’t even own corollas that are supporting the theft) just a simple SORRY could have avoided a prison sentence when this whole thing started and yet some stupid people expected and still expect a sorry/ regret/remorse from the victim. Just which planet do u come from??? In case u are failing to reason, it’s me who shud be bitter and im NOT. It’s me me who shud have a grudge, and I’m DON’T. If we are all going to be tribal and say the nonsense some of u are saying, we shall bring back the real reason why Lozis and Bembas could never marry in the past. And it was simply one- and that’s the belief that Bembas are thieves (kimasholi), not what u are saying. And after what happened to me, what do u think other Lozis are being told when they take a Bemba home as a person interested in them??? So for some of us to have inter-married means that we never held such opinions, so we better keep this thing civil and factual.. I am happy that Owas is out and that he plans to be positive about life. I hope he sticks to that coz a small, dull and uninformed audience that cheers u on to do the wrong thing has never helped anyone. I have been praying for a completely reformed man than the one who went inside, mainly for the sake of all his children and hopefully he won’t be misled by the irresponsible tribal audience that don’t have his interest and that of his children at heart. Like his father told him in prison, and me- two days after he was jailed- none of the Mwape family holds me responsible for this and whoever does that does so from his/her own uninformed position. My ex inlaws have been very clear on this and they advised their son to learn from this as I was the one who even had to travel to see them, about twice all the way to the Copperbelt to help resolve this. So between u a nosy tribal stranger and his parents, who loves him more for them to say what they say and u to say what u say??? As already proven, I will do anything to protect my children and their interests. Those that are close enuff know what I mean… Thanx a lot for the overwhelming support from ALL RIGHT THINKING members of the public coz u have shown that a wrong is a wrong and shud be condemned and that a person who offends another shud apologise, not the victim. If the worst comes to the worst, a man shud steal so that he feeds his family, NOT to steal from your family to feed/please strangers. That I shall never tolerate. This is all I will ever say about this case and anyone who continues with their ill agenda on this, all I can say is that u are a FOOL and not worth my time and attention. Welcome back Owas, and remember that your children need A FATHER, a fool’s gallery will never take anyone anywhere.”