The Retrial of DBZ Vs Post-Newspaper and JCN Holdings to commence TODAY

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dbzThe Lusaka High Court is TODAY tuesday April 28,2015 expected to preside on the retrial of the matter where the Post-Newspaper and JCN Holdings have been ordered to pay 14 billion Kwacha debt to Development Bank of Zambia-DBZ.

The matter will be heard before Judge Justin Chashi.

The Supreme Court had on December 17, 2013  sent back the matter to the High Court  for retrial.

Supreme Court Judge Munyinda Wanki passed the verdict.

This was after Post Newspapers ,JCN Holdings and suspended Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito in his capacity as former Zambian Airways Director, appealed to the Supreme Court against the Lusaka High Court’s judgment that ordered them to pay 14 billion Kwacha debt to DBZ.

The matter was initially handled by Supreme Court Judge Albert Wood when he served as Lusaka High Court Judge.

It was later allocated to Lusaka High Court Nigel Mutuna who made the verdict for Post-Newspaper and JCN Holdings, to pay 14 billion Kwacha debt to -DBZ.