Ventriglias Pocket Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) Cash, Refuse to Pay Workers

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antonio-ventrigliaIn what can only be described as barbaric, inhumane and abuse of Zambian citizens, the infamous members of the Ventriglia family have now refused to pay salaries to the over 700 workers employed at ZPC following their illegal control of the company.
Barely a month since their return into the Country after their deportation orders were quashed, the Italians seem not to be remorseful at all. Prior to their deportation, there were allegations leveled against them for ill treating Zambian workers at the multimillion dollar cement plant, among other ill vices. One of the unionized workers spoken to who sought anonymity registered displeasure and disgust in the manner the Italians are treating the workers. “When we inquired about our salaries not coming through, Mr. Antonio Ventriglia told us to get our salaries from Dr. Mahtani. How can they claim to be in control of the company and yet they are failing to pay us. Customers have brought cash to the plant of almost $5million! Where has it gone? We are not slaves of their family as we also have to feed our own families and pay school fees,” said the visibly irate worker. We understand that if the situation remains as it is, the workers plan to escalate the issue.