Chanda Chimba now claims to love PF using his Zambia Reports with his co-editor Sakwiba Sikota aka Evans Mulenga.

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sakiFor those who may care to know, Mr Chimba is the chap who produced the infamous stand up for Zambia,a malicious documentary that was sponsored by Rupiah Banda with the sole purpose of discrediting the late President Sata prior to the 2011 general elections.
Today Mr Chimba using his Zambia Reports claims to be a staunch PF supporter and claims to love the PF more than those who’ve always been there for the party.The question many seem to be asking is; why the sudden change in stance just after the demise of the man they hated so much to an extent that they prayed day in day out for him to die?.Well! The answer is that Chanda Chimba and Sakwiba Sikota are on the Ventliglias(Italian mafias)payroll who happen to be close associates of Mr Rupiah Banda. Mr Chimba’s pleasantries of the PF and President Lungu has nothing to do with his love for PF but the love for the money he’s been showered with by the Italian mafias and Mr Banda himself.
For those who loved Michael Sata and still love him even in his death, open you eyes and see how the chaps who insulted him day in day out are benefiting from his sweat( the PF)

Only time will tell!!!!