Chellah Says SATA’s Ideals In PF Have Been Polluted

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sataNORTHERN Province Rainbow Party chairperson Everest Chella says Michael Sata’s ideals that attracted people to the ruling party have been polluted.

In an interview, Chella said it was unfortunate that PF had allowed the MMD to infiltrate the ruling party which had now totally ignored what the late Sata and other party founder members believed in.
Chella said the PF had lost track of the socialist ideal enshrined in its manifesto.

“We are courting members with great experience and expertise that Edgar Lungu has sidelined in the PF because we feel they will be of value to the party,” he said.

“We want them in the Rainbow Party. We are talking to each and everyone who has been sidelined. We want their expertise and experience since PF has not seen their value in the party. They (PF leadership) would rather dine with corrupt elements. I can tell you that most of the people, including founder members, have been sidelined and this trend seems to be continuing.”

“This is dwindling the party’s chance of survival beyond 2016. PF has even gone to the extent of importing individuals that are totally foreign to the ideals of the party into Cabinet portfolios, which is shameful. What it is now is [that] even people that have laboured in order to take the party where it is are being sidelined from parliamentary (seats) adoptions like in Senga Hill, for instance. So we as Rainbow are inviting those people [being] ejected from the ruling party to come and join Rainbow Party because there is nothing that they will do to please the PF.

“This is no longer the PF we knew; the party has been polluted together with its ideals by the MMD. There is nothing attracting people to PF, which people admired in 2011. Let those people who believed in Michael Sata come to the Rainbow Party because it is there where socialist ideals will be properly implemented.”