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VentsIn yet another very embarrassing and desperate attempt, the Ventriglias (The Mafias) through their funded Zambia Reports have issued a statement (6.5.15) whose content is patently false but calculated to deceive right thinking members of the Society. It also comments of matters that are sub-judice (in court) and consequently are in contempt of court.
Our findings from the Court documents (which are public) that the Ruling being referred to is not anything new.
The High Court to which they claim to have received justice from is the same Court whose orders they do not and did not respect at all, when delivered against them. On 28th March, 2015 Hon. Judge Mweemba granted Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) an injunction against the Ventriglias from interfering with the running of Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC). In contumelious disregard of the injunction, the Ventriglias flanked by thugs with the assistance of Sakwiba Sikota S.C., stormed ZPC in masks and forcefully took over the running of the plant. Upon forcefully and illegally taking over ZPC, they then decided to go to the same Court whose Order they both ignored and flagrantly disobeyed and had the order set aside (ex-parte) without the other side being heard. At the time of discharging the injunction, contempt proceedings had already been authorized by the Hon.Judge to be commenced against the Ventriglias on account of their refusal to respect the Court’s Order. We understand that the hearing of the injunction comes up this Friday, the 8th of May 2015 before Hon. Judge Mweemba for determination. It is therefore malicious and shameful for the Ventriglias to deliberately misinform the public that the case was dismissed. In fact, the case in question relates to alleged embezzlement and money laundering by the Ventriglias at ZPC to the tune of over $40 million US Dollars. There are also criminal charges hanging on their heads.
As opposed to fighting individuals by spreading falsehoods and claiming things under illusions, the Ventriglias should focus on paying the workers their long overdue salaries. Barely a month after wrestling the cement plant from the rightful owners and management, the money generated by the ZPC under their watch has so far gone into their wicked hands and those of their associates and conspirators believed to have influence in Society.
As things stand, the Ventriglias are not recognized by law as legally running the cement plant or indeed as 100% shareholders. Therefore, our reading of recent media reports suggests that anyone dealing with them will end up losing out and that the Public should be on notice.
As for the forgery hallucinations, we pose this question: “can someone claim shares in a company and run it for 3 years without having any interest whatsoever?” Why can’t we let the Courts decide without brainwashing the public. It is apparent that Rajan Mahtani will not be ‘gagged’ by the Mafias and will fight for Zambia to the bitter-end!