Nawakwi says Zambia would have been a better place if Mwanawasa finished his 2nd term

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mmd-066Forum for Democracy and Development President Edith Nawakwi has said that Zambia would be a different place in terms of development had late President Levy Mwanawasa completed his second term.

Speaking when she addressed headmen/women at Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe’s Palace in Kapiri Mposhi on Thursday, Ms. Nawakwi said that would have developed had God just granted the late late President Mr. Mwanawasa just a few more years to complete his second term.

“This country would have been different had God granted our late President Mr. Mwanawasa just a few more years to complete his second term. Mr. Mwanawasa embarked on a lot of projects countrywide which some people want to take credit for while some of them have been abandoned,” said the opposition leader to the approval of the headmen/women.

Ms Nawakwi caused laughter on Thursday when she said Government Officials in the FDD Government will not be weeping openly at the sight of under development in some districts because each district will have its own budget.

Speaking when she addressed headmen/women at Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe’s Palace in Kapiri Mposhi the Ms. Nawakwi said the FDD proposes a different way of governing the country which will empower districts with their own budgets hence empower district officials to make decisions on what to prioritize.

“Our Ministers won’t be crying after seeing the appalling conditions government workers are working under and under development of some districts because under the FDD Government districts will have their own budgets. People in the different districts will be able to sit down and decide what they want in their districts.

“It’s true that some districts are so backward that you can be moved but the reason these districts are so backward is because of the governance system which makes everyone depend on decisions coming from Lusaka,” she said.

The opposition leader also called on the traditional leaders to encourage their subjects to get national registration cards and ensure that they register as voters in the forth coming mobile voter registration process.

Ensure that you encourage you subjects that have come of age to get national registration cards and register as voters when those registering come to your areas because that the only you can help shape the feature of the country. It is only by voting that you can show you approval or disapproval of the way you are being governed.

Speaking earlier Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe of the Lenje people of Chipepo in Central Province has expressed concern at what he termed ” the over commercialization of politics” in the country.

His Royal Highness Mukuni Ng’ombe observed that the country has remained stagnant in terms of development because politicians are not serving the interest of the people any more as politicians are spending so much money buying votes.

The traditional leader said people had become weary of politicians because of the many promises which politicians have been making and are abandoning once they are put into office.

“Politics have become so much commercialized these days that is why politicians are not serving the people who put them in office.

The people who are in politics now are just serving their interest and people are becoming tired of hearing from politicians because they think they are just being used by politicians,” said the traditional leader.

His Royal Highness also called on political party leaders to stop imposing candidates on the people as doing so is contributing to MPs abandoning their constituencies once they are elected.

“We have been telling you politicians to stop imposing people from Lusaka on us. We would like to have people who know how we live to be representing us because these people you are bringing for us are abandoning us once they are elected,” he said.

And Chief Liteta Says traditional leaders should take a leading role in educating their subjects in issues of electing leaders on merit as opposed to gender because they are people suffering most.

“We are the people who are seeing the our people are suffering therefore should be in the forefront educating our subjects on issues of choosing leaders wisely. We should be telling our people to choose people based on what they are capable doing for us as a community and not whether one is a man or a woman,” said the traditional leader.

He added ” it is important to have leaders chosen on merit and not gender, in fact what we need as country is to have more women in politics and leadership positions maybe that way the country will move forward.”