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RB PFZIN through its investigation can confidently reveal that Mr Banda is scheming a come back except this time under the PF party.
A Close associate to Mr Banda has revealed that RB has openly told them that should Lungu not stand, be on medical grounds or other reasons, he is the one who will contest on the PF ticket because according to him PF does have a suitable candidate.
So far the people being recruited and given jobs are those that worked with the former President, and Lungu has ignorantly said the PF will not stay away from these people.Mr Banda is doing exactly what he did to Nevers Mumba.
ZIN is aware of so many dark meeting taking place by more than two factions within the PF but it seems RB’s faction is the most powerful,and the issue they have heavily been discussing is the Presidents health.
Many senior members of the PF are aware of Mr Banda’s plans but many are scared to utter a word because they know at RB’s snap of his fingers they will be fired.
For example Mr Chikwanda has been complaining that he no longer has the Presidents ear as the case was prior to the January elections.
Rupiah is pushing as many of his trusted lieutenants as possible into PF so that at an opportune time the likes of loud Kambwili will have no teeth in their own party to say anything.
Do you have any idea why Kambwili has suddenly gone mute regarding an apology he requested from Dora who a week before going PF insulted with impunity the founding father of PF? Where do you think Dora got all that courage from?
For now let’s continue watching the drama.