Tayali says PF will soon go up in FLAMES

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TayaZambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says Republican President Edgar Lungu is failing to give the Patriotic Front any identity.
And Tayali has given an end time ACCURATE prophecy of THE ROTTING PF that it will soon erupt in flames. The Zambian Voice Executive Director says the leadership of the PF was vague because President Lungu does not hold any grip over the party he leads and was only surviving because he was in power.
“Honestly speaking it is hard to identify the PF as we knew it back then. It is even hard to tell who are the members of PF. Not even President Lungu gives PF that identity. It is only surviving because it is a party in power and we have a very weak opposition.” Tayali stated.
Tayali further states senior members in the rank and file of the party may be planning an internal party insurrection against President Lungu due to what he claims was their lack of confidence in his leadership.
“I think PF senior members have subverted their lack of confidence and disbelief in President Lungu to keep the party in power and have their jobs. However, I wonder how long they will suppress the egos not to rock the boat.” he claimed.
The Zambian Voice Executive Director has in recent times been stocking the flames of controversy from his public feud with Fr. Frank Bwalya and his remarks on President Rupiah Banda mocking him as “Papa Corruption”.

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