Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s Revived Malicious Persecution: EDGAR LUNGU has Become an Instrument of Corruption in the Hands of Rupiah Banda.

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Banda manDr. Rajan Mahtani’s Revived Malicious Persecution: EDGAR LUNGU has Become an Instrument of Corruption in the Hands of Rupiah Banda.
All Zambians of good will must stand up and speak against the malice and injustice that has been unleashed on Dr. Rajan Mahtani. As an organization, we have taken time to reflect on his recent arrest and the many shades of persecution that this man has suffered in the past. Without any doubt, we believe Rupiah Banda proximity to state house has everything to do with all these barbaric police antics against Rajan Mahtani.
We say so because we have proof that the first thing that RB pushed for after Edgar Lungu became President was call for the return of an Italian family known as the Ventriglia. This family had been deported earlier in 2012 in national interest. It is no secret that this same Ventriglia enjoyed strong connections to state house when Rupiah Banda was president. A lot of corporate atrocities were committed through this associating. Key among those includes the unreasonable and inconsiderate position that the Ventriglias took in relation to the ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement. We are reliably informed that this notorious Ventriglia family sought to maliciously deny the legitimate 58% of shareholding held by Finsbury Investments in the Ndola based Cement Company.
All the audacity to do this stemmed from their associate in state house named Rupiah Banda. Now that their man is back, at least as some sort of co-president, an identical trail of criminality has come back. And Lungu and all the law enforcement agencies are turning out to be instruments of corruption in the hands of Rupiah Banda and his interests. As an organization that is engaged in matters pertaining to fighting corruption in national governance, we do have a good sense of judgment whenever corruption raises its ugly head. Our categorical argument is that Rupiah Banda has come back to viciously torment Rajan Mahtani. What we are seeing happening to now is reminiscent of the tricks that Rupiah engaged when he fraudulent sold grabbed and sold Finance bank at what may be termed as a very stupid amount. We are not dumb and we can read in between the lines. This madness must come to a stop and this Rajan Mahtani must be VALUED AT HIS TRUE WORTH. This is in terms of the value that the businesses that this man has established and the social and economic benefits that they have on our people. In addition to the above issues, as an organization, we are alive to the following issues regarding the trumped up charges being faced by Mahtani:
(a) We are reliably informed that there was a nolle by the DPP entered by the DPP in respect to the same charge in 2012. In addition to that, there was an undertaking made by the Attorney General that the accused was permanently free from the charges in consideration of his undertaking to also abandon any litigation or cases that he had against the government. Therefore, what is at play is proper abuse of the law and the man behind is the master of abuse of public office himself in the name of RB. Lungu seems to have given him the licence to do the dirty work and they are in union.
(b) For RB and Edgar, dirty dealings seem to have become more important than the greater value that Mahtani owned businesses have added to this country. As an organization, we shall keep investigating these matters and expose the persecution that is being orchestrated from state house through RB and Edgar Lungu.

Gavin .M. Sinkala
Executive Director
Agenda against Corruption in Zambia (AZACO)