Chilekwa says Zambia has gone 29 years backwards as he joins the UPND

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emmaEMMANUEL Chilekwa, Friends of President Edgar Lungu country director has defected from the PF and joined the UPND.
During a press briefing at the UPND secretariat in Lusaka, Chilekwa said Zambia under the PF had gone 29 years backwards in terms of freedoms, unity, and progress.
Friends of President Edgar Lungu is a group that was formed to support President Lungu prior to the January 20 election and was supported by Jubilee Leadership Media Zambia Limited.
Chilekwa said he had decided to join the UPND because it was a progressive team of well-meaning leadership.
“Some of you are shocked, cannot believe that I can be this side. I believe this is the side for real change. I believe this is the team that will bring about a fresh start, where every Zambian will be glad to live in this blessed land and explore their God-given abilities in the social, economic and political field,’ he said.
Chilekwa said the PF had failed to fulfill their promises of more money in people’s pockets, lower taxes, more jobs and delivering a people driven constitution in 90 days.
He said continued support for the PF meant that one was in agreement with the problems that the PF had caused.
Chilekwa said the plunder that was happening in full view of President Lungu was alarming.
“The UPND is aware that the 200 ambulances that the Ministry of Health imported have been inflated over eight times. We are losing public funds through dubious procurements,” he said.