PILATO SHOULD NOT BE BLAMED FOR LUNGU’S INCOMPETENCE: Every Sane Zambian Should Rise Up and Defend Pilato for Telling the Truth as it is.

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PILAThe police are strictly acting stupid by trying to intimidate a young man who has enough guts to say what every other Zambian would want to say about the failed PF government under Edgar Lungu. Pilato needs absolute and resolute support from every Zambian of reasonable sanity. The young man has been courageous enough to confront the predicaments being faced by all Zambians. The material fact is that the PF that we see under Edgar Lungu is not the PF that Zambians overwhelmingly voted for under Michael Sata. The PF we see under Edgar Lungu is a hybrid; a hybrid of the Rupiah’s MMD and the Patriotic front. The truth is that Pilato has simply exposed the truth and the evil ones are getting chocked. Isn’t Lungu being made to do all the dirty activities by ba Banda? How does Dora garner the audacity to insult Sata and still be forced on the PF? Doesn’t this fortify the views of those who say Lungu is just a glorified Puppet? Lungu is simply a weak leader and Pilato’s song makes a good case for that.
Did we see Rupiah Banda running government when Mr. Sata was alive? The answer is a categorical No. And yet under Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda is in charge. You only deny this fact if you are a hot head PF cadre who is trying to live in denial of the truth. RB is basically dictating who gets what, when and how. Now should the talented young man, Pilato suffer because he had enough guts to put it as it is. No fellow Zambians. That should not be the case. Instead of resorting to all sorts of threats and intimidation against the young man, this useless government should have sat down to reflect on why this song has become a national hit. Why are Zambians happy and freely playing the song? Lungu should be able to read in between the lines. The writing seems to be on the wall that the PF is headed out of power and Pilato’s song is just an expression of the common Zambia’s view.

Gavin Sinkala
Executive Director
Agenda against Corruption in Zambia (ACOZA)