Mulasikwanda seeks forgiveness over report that she beat her mother

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Patricia-Munaliskawanda1PF candidate in the Mulobezi by-election Patricia Mulasikwanda on Friday emotionally begged for forgiveness following complaints from the community that she beat up her mother in 2013. A PF campaign team that visited the area in 2013 had said Mulasikwanda was difficult to sell to the electorate because of reports that she had beaten up her mother. Obvious Mwaliteta, who led the campaign team then, said the PF had an uphill battle to campaign for Mulasikwanda because of a negative image she had in the constituency. But Mulasikwanda on Friday told the people that even Jesus Christ forgives people who make mistakes. At a campaign rally in Mulobezi graced by Vice-President Inonge Wina, an emotional Mulasikwanda knelt and begged for a vote, saying that “even Jesus Christ forgives people who falter”. “Bashemi baaka, anina manzwi akubulela ku mina, mwalizazi lakacheku, kono nitaha kumina…ni ikupela sishemo kuli mwendi kala 30th June munivotele kuli zwelopili yeifitile kuluna isike yalufitelela (My elders, I don’t have much words to say today but I come before you to ask for pity so that on 30th June you can vote for me so that this development that has come to us does not by-pass us),” said Mulasikwanda. “Ni ikupela kuli muni tapise ka mali amwana amina Jesu, haiba luli kunani benisafoselize, ni ikupila swalelo kamali amwana Jesu Kreste (I plead with you that you cleanse me with the blood of Jesus. If there is anyone I have ever offended, I plead for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ).” And Vice-President Wina urged youths not to be bribed with money and alcohol to cause violence. She warned policemen against favouring politicians by arresting innocent people. “I am not saying this to threaten people but to ask people that there is need to follow the law,” Vice-President Wina said. She was further saddened by stories that the Mulobezi rail line was being vandalised by known persons and called on police to arrested the perpetrators. “This news makes me sad because we want development. We no longer have the steam train, we no longer have derailments on the Mulobezi line. We will even want to increase the rail line because it is short,” said Vice-President Wina. Meanwhile, former UPND vice-president Richard Kapita, who attended the rally, said he joined the PF because Hakainde Hichilema was not ready to relinquish the presidency after poor electoral performances. “From 2006, Hakainde stood but failed to make it. In 2008, he again failed to make it. In 2011, he stood, he failed to make it, then 2015 again, he failed to make…one should have expected after those four losses, he should have given way to somebody in the party but again, when he lost, he immediately held a meeting and said ‘I want to be adopted for 2016.’ Enough is enough,” said Kapita. – See more at: