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WMK 2Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has charged that President Edgar Lungu has struggled in his first six months at State House because he is governing without a plan.
And Mr Kabimba has categorically stated that President Lungu intends to call for an early general election with the intention of catching the opposition unprepared.
Mr Kabimba said the numerous inconsistencies in the Lungu administration is confirmation that he went into State House without a clear plan on how to run the country.
He said President Lungu is running a Chipantepante government which has lamentably failed the Zambians.
In his key note address to delegates at the Rainbow Party first ever national congress in Lusaka on Saturday, Mr Kabimba said President Lungu is failing to deliver on his numerous campaign promises because he lacks an ideological standing.
He also observed that the Patriotic Front is now similar to all the many political parties due to failure to distinctively distinguish itself.
‘These political parties seem to speak the same language. They are not any different? Why don’t they just come together so that we defeat them properly?’ Mr Kabimba questioned as the delegates cheered him on.
He added, ‘If you listened to the campaigns, they all said they will reduce the price of mealie meal. If they all wanted to reduce the price of mealie meal, why didn’t they just come together because they had similar messages. It is six months now and we have not seen the price of mealie meal reducing.’