Rupiah Banda Queries state house staff over Mahtani’s presence during the African Freedom Day Celebrations

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The Zambian Intelligence News understands that former president Rupiah Bwezani Banda has questioned why government invited renowned business man Rajan Mahtani to the African Freedom Day celebrations. Rupiah Banda questioned one of his agents at state house Mr. Kaizer Zulu who also serves as Presidential Political Advisor on why government extended an invitation to Dr. Rajan Mahtani. A source has told the ZIN that former president Rupiah Banda was infuriated to see Mahtani in attendance during the celebrations and felt that some people were not looking after his interests very well. It is not a secret that Rupiah Banda bears strong hurt and malice against the person of Dr. Rajan Mahtani and spotting him at a state function just threw him off balance. This is the reason why Banda even directed an online publication that he owns and finances to cook a fake story to the effect that Mahtani’s attendance at the African Freedom day celebrations was under investigations. Clearly Rupiah Banda and his Zambia Reports minions know that their story is rubbish, however, the idea is to play with people’s minds and ensure that the dirty image that they keep creating about Mahtani remains as such. Howbeit, a lot of Zambians have learnt how to read in between such dirty tricks and the truth is known. Back in 2010, Rupiah’s hurt and malice for Mahtani was at its peak and it led him to the illegal possession and fraudulent sale of Finance Bank Zambia. This transaction was later reversed by President Sata (MHSRIP) in his pursuit against corruption. Other attempts that Rupiah Banda has made in his attempt to taint the image of Dr. Mahtani include the set up of an online publication named Zambia Reports. The prime mandate of the Zambia Reports through its pseudo writers is simply to damage the reputation of Dr. Mahtani. And Rupiah Banda pays for all that. This was also the objective in recent attack claiming that someone was investigating Mahtani’s attendance at the African Freedom Day celebrations. This is just part of that usual nonsense from Rupiah Banda’s Zambia Reports that people have gotten accustomed to.