Inonge Wina Refuses to Support Chama’s Tribal remarks

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InongeVICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says the Patriotic Front cannot be behind secretary general Davies Chama’s tribal remarks against Tongas. Wina, who is also the ruling party’s vice-president, said a report would soon be issued on the matter. “You know very well that the party cannot be behind it. How? We shall produce a report later, I think it is not possible for me to comment now, I will not give my views now, we will issue a report later [and],” said Vice-President Wina. Chama has come under attack following his recent remarks that Tongas should use their polygamous nature to bear many children in order to stand a chance of producing a Republican president in 100 years’ time because the UPND under Hakainde Hichilema would never rule the country. And when asked to apologise over his tribal remarks, which angered Southern Province chiefs, who have also asked President Edgar Lungu to fire him, the PF secretary general on Thursday said he was “enjoying the whole thing” because it showed that the PF was making an impact. He also said he was never depressed by such and that he would only be bothered by very few things. “But I personally think I have not done anything wrong in what I have said, what I have stated. If maybe it has injured some people and they feel very strongly that I have injured them, I can just say, too bad,” said Chama. But UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda said President Lungu should immediately “park” PF Chama like a broken-down car because of his anti-Tonga remarks. He noted that the ruling party’s chief executive officer’s remarks were offensive and that they had no business in Zambia’s society. “The remarks from Chama are very offensive and during the time we were in power, we would park him (Chama)! Do you know how you would park a broken car and forget about it? That’s what should happen to Chama. Put him aside because such statements have no business in our Zambian society. We (UNIP administration) didn’t make a One Zambia, One Nation by making such remarks. So he (President Lungu) needs to park him (Chama) because you can’t have a man like him on your side and still claim to rule a One Zambia One Nation. There is no apartheid here in Zambia. No leader in any political party should make such highly irresponsible statements,” said Tilyenji in an interview. And senior chief Nalubamba of Namwala district on Saturday reiterated his call for President Lungu to immediately dismiss Chama following his refusal to apologise for the tribal remarks made against Tongas. The traditional leader also said if the Head of State does not discipline Chama, “it will be a serious way to divide Zambia irreparably.” “Until he (Chama) realises that he made a mistake, condemnation will continue until the President of the country comes to his rescue. It is actually fair and let me tell you; if I’m from the Eastern Province and I say I’m not a tribalist and then I continue denouncing other tribes for what their cultures are, are you sincere when you say you are not a tribalist? He (Chama) is a pure tribalist and my prayer, as I said before, is that President Lungu must intervene to calm down that man. He can’t keep on insulting the Tongas, for God’s sake! We are not going to accept and we are not going to go down on that one. His statement can cause a serious division in the Zambian structure,” said chief Nalubamba. “Chama is not contributing to the peace and order of this country. He is a minus and not a plus! There is something wrong with that man and the earlier the President intervenes, the better for this country. We can’t go on talking about this man who can’t reason. His boss must come in and stop him from saying what he is saying. – See more at: