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nevaMMD leader Nevers Mumba has dismissed allegations that he wants his party to get into an alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front so that he can be given a job.
Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s “Let the people Talk programme”, on Friday, June 19, 2015, Dr Mumba said he had never asked for a job from the PF.
“Never once have I asked for a job outside this country or from this government. This has been a fabrication so as to bring fear in our members that I wanted to going out,” Dr Mumba said.
“I am the president of the MMD and my responsibility is to move this country forward and make sure that we participate effectively and successfully in the coming elections in 2016.”
Dr Mumba said it was time for him to serve the people of Zambia.
“Those are comments and fabrication from those who have been trying to fight us since I became president. So those that are saying I am going out of the country, I am sorry because you are stuck with me and I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay. This time I want to serve my people here at home,” he said.
Dr Mumba however, said the issue of alliances in Zambia was not a new thing.
He said there was need for people to know that politics were not meant to become an arena for people to create enemies.
“We involve ourselves in politics because we hold a view that we can develop our country. That is why we have different political parties. Anyone who uses our differences in politics to fight is misunderstanding what multi-party democracy means,” Dr Mumba said.
“Some people think that my brother Hakainde Hichilema and I are not friends, it is wrong. We are friends and we talk about other things. President (Edgar) Lungu and myself enjoy a good relationship and I am pushing for this type of politics myself because that is what Zambians want to see,” said Dr Mumba.