Rupiah Banda Gets Fake Acquittal

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rbLike the Zambian Intelligence News has always reported, former President Rupiah Banda is in the driving seat of the PF government. For those that have hitherto doubted revelations by ZIN, todays’ are all too obvious and pre-arranged acquittal is pure evidence of what we have been saying. There was no way that Rupiah Banda could get an acquittal anywhere on this planet, but the strong working relationship between RB and Edgar Lungu has undeniably brought benefits for Banda. This afternoon, the Lusaka magistrate court read a ruling that has effectively discharged Rupiah Banda. ZIN was aware of this ruling way before it was read. And we know that Banda got this ruling from state house. It is a shame and this shatters any hope of the independence of the judiciary. It is all sham and there is nothing left of our Judiciary other than politicking and dirty dealings.
Magistrate Joshua Banda acquitted president Banda this afternoon saying there was insufficient evidence in charges brought before court.
President Banda was accused of having personally benefited from a deal that was on a government to government basis and faced abuse of authority in a US$2.5 million oil deal.
The court threw out the case citing insufficient evidence.