It is Madness For Chanda Chimba to Blame Innocent People for his Predicament:

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Chanda-ChimbaIf a little is all one has, then we are going to say that it only requires a little intelligence for one to know that Chanda Chimba was destined for greater misery following the defamation that he was cooking through his stand up for Zambia documentaries. Everybody knew that only corruption would guarantee Chimba’s freedom. However, with the removal of the people who financed his malicious activities from direct control of power, it became clear that Chimba was destined to face the law and account for his defamation. Chimba blatantly maligned and defamed people with impunity using his stand up for Zambia programmes. This is the reason why even when the Post newspapers took him to court to account for his defamation, Chimba was nowhere to be seen. He was not available to give defence. Henceforth, the court had to follow procedure and entered judgement in default of appearance against him. Basically, the chap is at loss and does not even know what to do. He had nothing to tell the court about why he decided to produce lies and churn malice against the Post. The truth is that he did all he did for his financier and hirer, Mr. Rupiah Banda. That is what has put Chanda Chimba in the predicament that he faces today. Corruption got Chanda Chimba in trouble. It is plain and simple. This is what makes the truckload of lies stemming from the mercenaries at the Zambia Reports wholly abhorrent. It is plain stupid to lie to Zambians that some people had to pay money for that Court judgment to be entered against Chimba. It is a result of inevitable fate. On this score, the obsession of the Zambia Reports with Rajan Mahtani raises its ugly head again. Ironically, the Zambian Reports want Zambians to believe that Mahtani was somewhat involved in ensuring that Chanda faces the predicament that he faces today. With all honesty, this is pure madness. While, it is now common cause that the Zambia Reports was specifically established to malign the person of Rajan Mahtani and the PF under Michael Sata, it is undeniable that the extent of their machinations is leading them to insanity. They fraudulently paint Mahtani as some guy out there who will throw money at anything and anyone. This is absolutely ridiculous. Chanda Chimba is a poor soul who forgot that Zambia is a civilized society where people are made to account for what they do. In the end, all should face the temerity of their doings. Therefore, this lie about Mahtani paying some judges is just pure nonsense and something that should be dismissed with the contempt that it deserves. No one was given money to rule against Chimba, the material fact is that the money that Chimba was receiving to create stories against innocent people and institutions have gotten him in trouble. He is in hot soup because he has never had the kind of amount that the court has directed him to pay. Throwing lies against innocent people like Mahtani may just create more problems for Chanda Chimba because even the people that are giving him some sort of cover to do what he is doing today will not be there for long. Soon, Chanda Chimba may be made to account for some more defamations that he is peddling under the Zambia Reports. The law always catches up. The best for him is to strategize how to pay K5 million. Plain and simple. Fabricating more defamation is fatal for him.
You just have to look at the sort of lies that Chimba is throwing behind the veil of Zambia Reports and you will know why this soul has created the misery that he is in today. Somehow, he thinks he is all covered. But this was exactly his mindset when he produced those TV programmes. Now after all the trash that Chimba published about innocent people, it is ironic that he wants to be believed this time when he claims that Mahtani paid some judges to fix him. This is just not adding up. But that is Chanda Chimba for you. What benefit is in Mahtani fixing a wasted soul like Chanda Chimba? Well, this question begs an answer, but when time comes for Chimba to account, again he will cry foul. Life is not like that.