Panic grips the Ventriglias( Italian Mafias) and now falsely claim to have won ZPC using their funded Zambia Report mercenaries

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MafiasThe Ventriglias (Italian Mafias) are at it, once again! Their recent article in their funded Zambia Reports (alleging a communique from ZPC) is totally false, fabricated and misleading except for the fact that Dr Rajan Mahtani does not own Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC) but Finsbury Investments Limited does and has owned 58% of the company pursuant to a legally binding shareholders’ agreement duly executed and notarized by Michael Mundashi S.C.

The Ventriglias and their mercenary advocates have an  obsession over ‘share transfer’ forms which were super-ceded by the legally binding shareholders’ agreement (never contested).

The Ventriglias’, their Mafia friends and  mercenary advocates continue to use their funded,  Zambia Reports with their faceless editors as their propaganda tool to demonize, defame, injure, damage and  ridicule Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Zambia Reports was created and  calculated to pour odium, contempt and scandal on Dr. Mahtani, his operations and indeed associates.

Since all these matters are in Court why can they not allow the final judgment to be announced rather than misinterpret  a mere ‘interlocutory’?  The Ventriglias and their conspirators have nothing to lose as they have little or no reputation or investments locally and internationally. They are truly Mafias defined in the Oxford dictionary as –“a secret organization of criminals thought to have secret influence in Society”!