Chuundu Caitwa asks President Lungu to fire Kambwili, Davies Chama and Mumbi Phiri

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Ba EDDIEThe much publicised meeting for Tonga speaking people has resolved to demand that President Edgar Lungu should dismiss Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, PF Secretary General Davies Chama and his deputy Mumbi Phiri over their alleged derogatory remarks.

The meeting which was attended by over 1,000 people held in Monze resolved that President Lungu should fire the trio if Tuesday’s meeting called by President Lungu with traditional leaders from Southern Province.

Reading the resolutions of the meeting, former Justice Minister Vincent Malambo also dismissed reports that the meeting was called to discuss plans to secede from Zambia.

Mr Malambo said there is no way Tongas can secede from Zambia which they consider as their home.

And addressing the gathering, Organising Chairman Edson Hamakowa stated that the meeting was not called to seek an apology from Mr Chama but was meant to show their displeasure about Mr Chama’s utterances.

Mr Hamakowa said the Tonga speaking people have also resolved that President Lungu has failed to provide leadership over the issue of the tribal remarks issued by Mr Chama.

‘Clearly Mr Chama has broken the red line and if you break the red line, you have to step aside,’ Mr Hamakowa said.

He also revealed that the insults levelled on the Tongas by Mr Chama, Mrs Phiri and Mr Kambwili cannot be justified.

Mr Hamakowa stated that Zambia’s core values revolve around national unity and oneness.

‘Once a leader crossed has that line, he or she must no longer be our leader,’ Mr Hamakowa said.

‘After the 2015 presidential election, I came across a text message allegedly sent by Mr Chama which read and i quote, ‘We have hammered the Tongas, the Luvale and the Lozis. They thought they can come together and give us a Tonga President. God is good,’ end of quote. After analysing the events of the past few weeks, i now believe that the text message was sent by Mr Chama.’

The organising Chairman also called on President Lungu to stop using tribal, regional, ethnicity as mere political propaganda.

He said Mr Chama should have been kicked out a long time ago especially that he was not speaking in his personal capacity but as Secretary General of the PF.