What do the criminals at Zambia Reports smoke?? There is no cause for a respectable figure like Mahtani to flee from anything;

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zed repNo sensible person is going to be misled by the lies that the Zambia Reports is peddling about Dr. Rajan Mahtani. The move to deliberately misrepresent Mahtani’s travel for medical reasons as fleeing is total madness. Only criminals flee, men of solid integrity stay to defend their hard earned reputations. This is a ridiculous lie and tells a lot about the state of the criminals who are hired to malign Rajan Mahtani. The point is that they have nothing to write and the best that they can do is find decent jobs so that they are able to stay away from the Chanda Chimba type of problems in the not too distant future.
They know that their days are numbered and this Zambian Report veil is a temporal one. Soon and very soon they shall be held to account for their iniquities before the courts of law. mercenaries about These criminals know that they are in a very difficult position. They have a predicament. Clearly while their audience is tired of the many lies against Mahtani, now they are also clearly tired of their own lies. It is now embarrassing for them because they have to take turns and twists just to create something that maligns Rajan Mahtani. However, you can tell that the mercenaries are just so tired. Now, nothing of the nonsense that they scribble makes sense to anybody.
It is even ridiculous that they want to create an impression that someone did Mahtani a favor by ordering for the release of his passport; that is his right. It is also Mahtani’s right to travel to any place in the world for either business or medical reasons. He does not need permission from anybody, including the criminals who pay money to those miserable mercenaries at Zambia Reports.
Several weeks ago, this same Zambia Reports ridiculously lied that Mahtani had offered a bribe to get back his passport. No one took them serious; their own followers laughed at them and they dropped that story. Now, they want people to foolishly believe that a man who owns businesses that employ thousands and render benefits to millions could just decide to run like a simple chap somewhere at the corner. This is the rubbish and just the kind of behavior that got their miserable associate Chanda Chimba in trouble. With all honesty, how does a man of Mahtani’s stature be claimed to be a flight risk??? This is the reason why even followers of the Zambian Reports now read it for comic purposes. It is all comedy and no sane human being is about to take those criminals serious. They are lazy chaps who have failed to earn decent and blood free money. Now they have to concoct all sort of rubbish to simply tarnish a man who has a hard earned reputation. This is total nonsense. Now all they do is talk about old cases; they twist them here and there in the hope that those who don’t know will form a perception of Mahtani that is informed by their malice. This is not going to happen. As at now, people know that Zambia Reports is being run by miserable adults who lead very troubled lifestyles. It is a shame that an adult would decide to make a living out of defaming people that have created value for the nation. This is the life that the criminals at Zambia Reports have opted to lead. A very miserable lifestyle.