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Zambia Reports, a website hosted by GoDaddy Inc in Arizona in the United States of America and funded by the Ventriglias (Italian Mafias) is facing possible closure. Legal Disclosures have revealed that the beneficial owner is James Kimmer in Washington and he is an associate of Amsterdam the attorney for former President Rupiah Banda and Henry Banda. The Website is controlled in Zambia by Sakwiba Sikota S.C., who uses ‘faceless’ editors. In the recent past the Daily Nation and a few editors of the Daily Mail have been induced (and influenced by a team of five State House personnel) to print irresponsible, incorrect or half baked articles without any verification from the parties allegedly accused!


Zambia Reports whose IP Address is has earned itself a reputation of maliciously defaming Dr. Rajan Mahtani through publications of a plethora of false Articles that are calculated to damage his character and international reputation. These Articles are sponsored by known enemies of Dr. Mahtani who have ongoing perceived commercial disputes which are all sub-judice. .


In a letter addressed to the Executive Vice President & General Counsel of GoDaddy, Dr. Mahtani’s Attorneys Clare Locke LLP of the United States of America contend that Zambia Reports is in ongoing violation of European Union privacy laws, the United Kingdom Data Protection Act, and likely, US and other laws. 


The Attorneys at Law have demanded that GoDaddy should enforce the terms of its Universal Terms of Service Agreement and cease and desist from hosting Zambia Reports and remove its contents from GoDaddy’s servers.  (see letter here)


This is not the first time that GoDaddy is being pursued by Dr. Mahtani through his Lawyers. In Zambia, GoDaddy has been sued by Messrs Simeza, Sangwa and Associates seeking to compel it to divulge the real identities of the authors of Zambia Reports who have been using pseudo names to defame Dr. Mahtani with impunity. The matter is currently in the High Court before Hon. Madam Justice F Chisanga. The quantification of damages both in Zambia and the United States of America will no doubt bring all connected persons to ‘bankruptcies’! click below for the letter written to Zambia Report hosts by Dr. Mahtani’s Lawyers.

Clare Locke second request re Terms