Mafia Ventriglias Attempt to Steal Zambezi Portland Cement

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MafiasIn their typical mafia and criminal style of doing business, the ventriglias pounced on PACRA’s Kitwe office with a view to making ILLEGAL changes to the records of Zambezi Portland Cement. An investigation carried out by the Zambian Intelligence News has established that a junior officer at the Patents and Companies Registration in Kitwe was approached to aid the Ventriglias in the commission of this gross fraud. This is pure criminality and can only come from hard core criminals like the Ventriglias under the guidance of the equally mafia lawyer Sakwiba Sikota. It is totally absurd that a lawyer like Sakwiba is passionately perpetrating this extent of criminality in the country.
In June this year, Sakwiba Sikota wrote to the Registrar of companies and demanded that ZPC records be changed to reflect his paymasters as Directors as oppoosed to Dr. Rajan Mahtani and his team. However, Sakwiba was turned away after the registrar wrote back and refused to be part of Sakwiba’s criminal and fraudulent antics. The registrar categorically told Sakwiba that in the absence of a court order PACRA would not tolerate any manuevers aimed at making fraudulent changes. This time around, it was another crook that the Ventriglias are using as a lawyer who went to pacra to make another attempt to change the records in a fraudulent manner. Zacharia Muya, in typical mafia style only characteristic of him and Sakwiba Sikota approached a junior officer at Pacra in Kitwe and caused him to alter the records of Zambezi portland Cement. Clearly knowing that his schemes would not be tolerated by the registrar, Muya approached a junior officer and worked out the fraud. On the strength of this fraud, the Ventriglias have ridiculously rushed to the media with a claim that the dispute regarding the Ndola based cement company has been resolved and that they have taken over. However, all these fraudulent efforts by Muya in cohort with Sikota and the Ventriglia mafias have come to thing. The efforts are a patent nullity at law and will have no effects on the present shareholding structure as kept in the PACRA records. It is settled law that PACRA does not have the legal mandate to delve into matters thhat relate to shareholder disputes. Everything regarding ZPC remains the same. Finsbury Investments Limited remains the holder of 58% shares while Ital Terrazo (in receivership) holds 42%. Everthing else remains to on going proceedings which will bring closure to the matter.