High court orders the Ventriglias to pay US$40 million they embezzled from ZPC

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The Lusaka High Court has held that the Ventriglias should pay Zambezi Portland Cement Ltd (ZPC) circa US$40million plus damages and costs. This is a matter in which ZPC sued the Ventriglias for recovery of money which was allegedly embezzled from ZPC during the time that they had illegally taken control of ZPC sometime between 2009 and 2012.
This money is believed to have been externalized from the Country whilst part of it was used to fund RB’s flamboyant campaign in 2011. Part of the money is also believed to have been used to corrupt numerous officials including bringing an “expert” witness from South Africa in favour of the Drug Enforcement Commission to attempt to justify a case of forgery of share transfer forms against Dr. Mahtani and 2 others so that ZPC would be solely owned by the Ventriglias. This is the same case that the acting DPP brought again against Dr. Mahtani after it had been closed by the substantive DPP at the instance of the Attorney General’s advice. However, the High Court of Zambia stopped the Prosecution through Judicial Review.
The Ventriglias have been panicking over cases brought against them by Dr. Mahtani to which they have offered no defense. Recently, in their quest to perpetrate their perceived interest in ZPC, the Ventriglias desperately resorted to criminal conduct with their “Jerabo” Lawyer Zacharia Muya when they allegedly bribed a junior officer at PACRA’s Kitwe Office to illegally alter the Shareholding and Directorship of ZPC on PACRA’s system without a Court Order. Upon committing this crime, they proceeded to issue a Press Statement claiming that ZPC was now theirs solely and that all legal battles had ended with Dr. Mahtani losing out.
However, PACRA has since reversed this illegality and is now taking appropriate steps to bring the perpetrators of this crime to face the Law.
As for the Ventriglias, (Italian Mafias) they will have to pay back the US$40million which they embezzled from ZPC by disregarding their fiduciary, moral and ethical  duties to ZPC as a corporate entity during their cavalier era.