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matIn the past, we have made many efforts to expose the lies and malice that drive the Zambian Reports Publication (funded by the Ventriglia mafias) in its persistent ‘online social media’ propaganda against Rajan Mahtani. We have done so in an effort to give an opportunity to the public to get the truth in exchange of the pathetic malice, immoral agenda and falsity that drives Zambian Reports. We may not have succeeded in stopping the malicious campaign, but we have certainly been a success in exposing the criminality and libel that underlies everything that is done at the ‘rogue’ online publication.
The truth is that corruption is at play and evil forces are behind the constant attacks that are aimed on the person of Dr. Rajan Mahtani and indeed everything that carries his interest. Our investigations have revealed that the ‘website’ is hosted in Arizona under the nominee Go Daddy but the beneficiary is James Kimmer, an associate of Amsterdam the advocate of former President Rupiah Banda and Henry Banda and that the local ‘boss’ is Sakwiba Sikota S.C. Has this group (with Government agencies) the power to change the burden of proof? Our belief is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty! They have carried out a forensic audit covering over twenty years on Dr. Mahtani (including his interests). Why not do the same on others including themselves? Will they be as ‘squeaky clean’ as Dr. Mahtani?
But like they say, evil has a short life span and the content of attacks brought out by the ‘faceless’ editors of the Zambia Reports has proven this to be a matter of fact. They have run out of steam and fabrications! However, these are adult destitutes who have turned their journalistic skills into tools for attainment of evil means all because of their greed! What a predicament they face come ‘judgment day’!!!!
Now they have taken a slightly different dimension. They have pretty much couched their strategy around distortions of most decisions that are made for business in the Mahtani Group of Companies and suggest that they emanate from ‘so called’ reliable sources within!. They do so in the hope that such tricks will work to sabotage the interest of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. In clear terms, this approach has never worked in the past and it is not about to miraculously work now. Zambians are smarter than that and will not fall prey for any garbage concocted by evil and destitute persons who can’t find something productive to do with their lives.
Without shame, the Zambian Reports has now turned to the distortion of developments regarding the strategic partnerships and decision that FBZ (as a business) is taking in order to consolidate its leverage in the banking and financial services sector for the benefit of the Nation, the institution and its over 850 employees.. The bunch of criminals at Zambia Reports lack conscience, morality, ethics and professionalism and are now ridiculously claiming that Mahtani is about to cash out of the Country. Dr. Rajan Mahtani cashing out of the country? Really?? Absolute nonsense, if you ask us. However, as stupid as this lie sounds, can you imagine that some adult sat down to scribble it in the hope that Zambians are just so gullible.
In clear terms, the Zambia Reports have hit a dead end and their stories tell it all. At a close look of their article that purports any irregular sale of some stake in the bank, you will note that the idea was to resuscitate the tried and tired lies of FBZ not being compliant to the banking and Financial Services Act. However, Zambians are tired of this sort of lies. Who is Zambia Reports to talk about compliance when the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Zambia themselves are fully satisfied with the extent of full compliance been demonstrated by FBZ? The simple point is that criminality has gotten tired coupled with the fact that the confidence of most online readers in Zambia Reports has eroded. You will appreciate why we believe the ‘clique of criminals’ veiling behind that publication is in deep predicament.