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sakwiba-familyZambia Reports (funded by the Ventriglias and controlled by Sakwiba Sikota S.C. for his mafia masters) has, once again, propagated a false and fabricated story in which it’s ‘faceless’ author professes to know the ‘true value’ (monetarily and otherwise) of Finance Bank Zambia PLC.


We hasten to state that this malicious article is not ethical journalism, but embarrassingly desperate attacks against the Bank, Dr. Mahtani and sadly Bob Diamond ( a well-respected International Banker) and this emanates from one of Zambia Reports’ main objectives which is to propel a malicious propaganda against Dr. Mahtani. This is nothing but criminal libel!


Alas, mature, sensible and honest readers (whose intelligence is unquestionable) can easily notice that nothing positive has ever been published by Zambia Reports concerning Dr. Mahtani and the Bank despite laudable achievements that speak for themselves from tangible evidence. 


Unfortunately, it is difficult to converse or indeed attempt to reason with people whose mental faculties are ‘lopsided and questionable. That is how best we would describe the ‘faceless’ author of the latest Article that has been published by Zambia Reports. The article in the Evening Standard written by a ‘Tim Armitage’ (an associate of James Kimmer) is false and libellous and will be sub judice shortly hence we shall refrain from commenting


Take time to look at the published Quarterly Financial Statement of the Bank as at 30th June 2015 (see here) and feel free to draw your own conclusions as to the performance of the Bank and professionally estimate part of its true values not to mention its contribution to the treasury and the Nation.

An intelligent background would be to refresh your memory on our article (see here) “Introspect – Why are all article in Zambia Reports on Mahtani false and fabricated”Copy of Publication-30th June 2015-FBZ QUARTERLY 2015Apology letter