If Foolishness is an Art, then that Group of Adults veiled as Zambia Reports is perfecting it: ALL THEY DO IS LIE

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zed repMalice and lies have never given anyone peace. That is why that group of adults veiled behind a stupid website called Zambia Reports is a bunch of troubled beings. For them to live, they always have to be on the lookout for those they have defamed and make sure they ain’t caught. They will never come out to defend their trash because they know it is all fabrication. It’s a difficult life they live and their safety lies in their hiding. What a life!! A bunch of spineless wimps indeed.
At close look of their modus operandi, you will notice that they are actually dumb. How do they honestly want to be believed with their outrageous attacks on a huge business like Finance Bank and Rajan Mahtani? Imagine if you were a stranger to the country and read what the criminals veiled behind the Zambia Reports website write about Rajan Mahtani and his investments, you would think they are talking some small guy somewhere. However, this is a man with huge investments employing thousands of Zambians in direct employment and many more indirectly. It is ironic to see how a group of adults veiled under the so-called Zambia Reports would want to malign a business executive of global repute to this extent. Just a few hours ago, they published an article wherein they claim that Mahtani has run out of influence.
On critical analysis, one is able to read in between the lines that the said article was merely a quick fix approach because it is uncharacteristic of them to go for days without scribbling something about Mahtani. Libelous of course. So they had to write something and content of the story is plain dumb and stupid. Honestly speaking you would expect that Sakwiba and his team would find some decency and peace soonest. This crap is just idiotic.
At some point, it is difficult to tell whether they are putting up a comedy act or actually being malicious. For instance, it’s funny how they create a picture of desperation about Mahtani. On this score, they have gone to the extent of making the wildest of allegations about dealings with officers at PACRA and the spread of what they term as propaganda. But this is all trash. From experience so far, we are sure the Zambia Reports know that truth needs no propaganda. The truth is inherently defiant and will always stick out. There is therefore no need for Mahtani do what they term as propaganda. Propaganda is a preserve of them who are trying to force falsity done the minds of the gullible. On close look, it is clear that the malicious and libelous enterprise at the Zambia Reports has patently failed. Now they sound stupid. More like a thief caught in the eye of the storm. They have to keep churning stories that are nothing but careless afterthought without any regard for truth because they have to attack to get paid.
Another laughable thread in their article is their article is the unintelligent claim that Mahtani writes stories and posts them; like really, would he have time for such??? This claim makes the group of adults at Zambia Reports sound really CHILDISH. Perhaps they should have started with a scrutiny of comments on their stories. The disapproval to their trash starts there. There are no needs to really write stories to disapprove what is done at Zambia Reports because their very own readers are continually casting the adults who post malicious and fake stories. After all, people ain’t as gullible as imagined by the Zambia Reports. Their biggest opposition is their followers. These are people who write comments in favor of Mahtani and other innocent citizens who have fallen victim to rogue journalism. You see, all they do is lie and they now sound stupid without realizing it.

2 Responses to If Foolishness is an Art, then that Group of Adults veiled as Zambia Reports is perfecting it: ALL THEY DO IS LIE

  1. It is Chanda Chimba III who is behind that website, he even has the balls to send personal emails when you write against them. The man is bitter for real.

    The Observer
    September 16, 2015 at 12:22

  2. This is very true. These people seem to be so bitter about Dr Mahtani’s personal successes.

    Jacob Mwiza
    September 16, 2015 at 03:44