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sakwiba-familyAs readers may have observed Zambia Reports (the Ventriglias mafia funded) website with faceless editors who fear prosecution by due process, continue with their character assassination on the person of Dr. Rajan Mahtani on a weekly basis.
We question why? The answer is simple – it is because the Court cases are nearing trial dates and since they have failed in the past to escape the ‘noose’ of justice they can merely smear the genuine character of Dr Rajan Mahtani, a Zambian Citizen ( a career international who is recognized and admired as one of the largest investors in Zambia ) in the hope that the judiciary would get swayed by their call for pity over their self-created follies using the ill-gotten gains from the contentious Zambezi Portland Cement (illegally possessed) and using these gains to corrupt officials in Government to politicize their false claims.
In clear terms, there is pure desperation on the part of those that work in cohorts with Zambia Reports to malign the person of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. That is why even the absolute pettiness of distorting old court proceedings as far back as 1979 involving Mahtani cannot yield any tangible results. It just proves Mahtani’s resolve for justice and fair play!
Why not simply await the outcome of the cases before our Courts of law? Why be in contempt all the time? Are they wishing death by continuous harassment of Dr. Mahtani? They cannot deny that all his medical problems have been caused by them, their conspirators and perpetrators? They have deliberately forgotten that Dr. Mahtani is a born again Christian and his attested faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (to whom he is accountable) has sustained him and his attested faith is an assurance that justice will finally prevail as no weapons formed against him will prosper. His belief in ‘Vengeance’ being the Lords does not allow anyone to attribute this belief to a sign of weakness!
Our challenge to Zambia Reports is identify fully your details, official address and accept service of claims for criminal libel etc.? An example is the recent article in the Evening Standard. Mahtani’s London advocates have advised them to accept summons and a copy of their demand can be seen here.
On the nonsense concerning his medicals we have extracted a copy of the medical report from the Court records. See heremedical 1medical 2Evening Standard.pdf-LEGAL ACTION

Dr. Mahtani has never been a fugitive and will never be. He has fought for justice in the past and will do so in the future (more so for his Country Zambia) to enhance foreign direct investment by investors being assured of the independence of the judiciary and their rights as enshrined in Zambia’s constitution.