Ignore the Rubbish on Zambia Reports About Mahtani, it is just another Concoction of Malice

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RajanThe libelous Zambia Reports must be ignored and completely rubbished for lying about Mahtani being snubbed by President Edgar Lungu. The truth is that nothing of this sort took place and all you are being told is part of failed campaign to injure the person of Rajan Mahtani. The undeniable material fact is that a business leader of Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s repute can alawys comfortably engage with any critical stakeholder without any maliocious strings being thrown around by the Ventriglia sponsored and Sakwiba tutored Zambia Reports. Therefore any claim about Dr. Rajan Mathani being denied a meeting with President Edgar Lungu constitute gross fraudulent mispresentation of facts which the followers of the rogue publication have gotten accustomed to.
Further any insinuation and inuendos peddled in the Zambia Reports article suggesting that Mahtani may be seeking an extra hand in some court cases are just plain stupid. We say plain stupid because all sensible and Zambians of good will perfectly understand that at all times when faced with legal battles, Dr. Mahtani has simply fought with absolute tenacity, transparency and professionalism. Dr. Mahtani’s confidence in the rule of law is a material fact that has been demonstrated through the integrity that he has hitherto demonstrated regarding any court battles that he has faced thus far. It is a categorical truth that Dr. Mahtani has never sought any political audience for purposes of getting favours for any court cases.
The claim that Mahtani has offered bribes of K50, 000 to some officials responsible for scheduling Lungu to make the claimed meeting possible is just another stupid lie. This pattern of lies has come to the fore before and it is good omen that Zambians have learnt that the Zambia Reports is all about fabrications, lies and malicious concoctions. Just like in the past, the readers of the rogue publication should laugh at this thread again.
And then this stupidity about accusing Mahtani of funding every group that calls itself a political party is total madness on the part of the Saki tutored Zambia Reports. Like seriously, they want to make Zambians believe that Mahtani is some desperate man throwing money at anything calling itself a political party. For what? This is nonsense and just demonstrates the truth that the veiled group behind the publication has run out of ideas. In clear terms, contrary to the truckload of lies pushed by the Zambia Reports, Mahtani has no insofar as the sponsorship of the concerned political parties is concerned. Recently, it was clearly stated that it is total insanity to keep accusing a Mahtani like Mahtani of participation in every political battle as if he were a politician.