Lets focus on Zambia’s developmental agenda and not petty issues – Hakainde Hichilema

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hhWe should not be diverted away from the developmental agenda of our country by discussing immaterial things as a citizens.It is always heartbreaking that we politicians are sometimes in the forefront bringing up petty issues in our political discourse each time we fail to lead our people or have runout of ideas on governing.

Zambia has serious economic challenges at the moment which should ideally preoccupy the debate arena on how best we can solve them in short term, medium term and long term.With the onset of rains in various parts of the country at the moment, we must be asking ourselves whether farmers have received their seeds and fertiliser for planting this season and at what cost are they buying these farming inputs instead of dwelling on personalities in order to hide our failures.

These are the issues that preoccupy some of us on a daily basis and we make wide consultations with various stakeholders to find an amicable solution to our country’s economic challenges that has brought massive poverty and hunger in our homes.

Like we have said before, Zambians are now too clever to accept any empty rhetoric and sloganeering with false promises. We are depressing our masses, especially the jobless youths if, for example, we wake up one morning and announce recruitment of more than 5000 or so teachers only for the programme to be abandoned without any reasons.

These are the issues that are causing a lot of mistrust by citizens that is now rubbing on all of us in the public service as politicians. Citizens now think we are all the same despite our different backgrounds where some of us have achieved a few things in our own small way through hardworking which is now being ridiculed.

And the moment we shall accept to take the blame for our current situation is the day we shall realistically start dealing with these challenges.Ridiculing others, blaming everything on others, threats and violence will not solve our economic challenges such as saving jobs and creating more opportunities for our people.

The current economic hardships, especially among our youths, are real and these go beyond one’s political affiliations, hence the need for unity of purpose in confronting them.
Anyway, at the end of the day, as Zambians we hold the destiny to ourselves through the leadership choices we make and our prayers and request this time around is we consider merit and not any other considerations for the betterment of our country and future generations.