Frustration engulfs members of the Dying Patriotic Front

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wina-and-chama2Frustration among the old members of the Patriotic Front is steadily building up with some claiming they are being sidelined and over looked in the rank and file of the party.

And Racheal Chileshe has challenged President Edgar Lungu and the party leadership to provide clarity on the criteria being used to appoint people who she claimed never sacrificed for the party to lofty cabinet portfolio’s.

Chileshe, one of the most vociferous and loud supporters of President Lungu in the run up to the hotly contested January Presidential by-election says most old members of the ruling party feel aggrieved and sidelined over some of the appointments the Head of State has made from the MMD and the UPND.

“I am challenging you ba President, what has Monde done in the Patriotic Front to deserve a full cabinet minister? what has Siamunene done to deserve Defence Minister?

People who sacrificed for you, you have sidelined them. I am challenging you on this one, what you have said, please reflect on it” an emotionally charged Chileshe said in a video that has now widely circulated among PF members and has stirred up debate.

Another member of the ruling party who elected to remain anonymous says President Lungu should be strategic in the way he handled the party to avoid the impression that has been created that old members were not needed in the ruling party any more.

“What we are seeing now is a tip of the ice-berg, there is frustration among some of our members and some are uncomfortable with this marriage between PF and MMD.

Most of these people feel the President is leaving them out after so much work and effort they had pumped in. He seriously needs to be strategic otherwise our party will go into the next election so divided and bruised.” he said.