Sakwiba Sikota S.C., and his criminal partners must understand that that their propaganda battle is totally Lost

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sakwiba-familyIt is not for. Sakwiba Sikota S.C., to determine, direct and instruct the sort of decisions that the Shareholders of Finance Bank should make over their own business which is strictly a private institution. The truth is that Sakwiba and all his associated criminals like the Ventriglia Mafias who paid him to concoct a propaganda with a tired set of false allegations and commence all sorts of politically motivated malicious campaigns against Finance Bank and Dr. Mahtani have lost their battle since truth prevails over evil and God does not allow injustice.
Saki and his criminal friends tried to reap where they have never sown through their fraudulent sale of Finance Bank at a paltry amount of $5 million (US dollars) using politically motivated state machinery. Now that the bank is about to undergo a decent and professional transition, it chocks Sakwiba and his paymasters over what is happening despite the heavy slide of the Kwacha!. There is nothing that Sakwiba will corruptly do at this stage. All that they can do is to accept that the battle for that which has never belonged to them has been lost. Sakwiba does not own Finance Bank for him to start dictating how things should be done. That is why even the so-called letter to Bank of Zambia which Sakwiba has written under a pseudonym is practically ridiculous and indeed stupid. What does Saki expect the Bank of Zambia to do about a commercial bank that is engaging in a transaction that it is legally entitled to undertake with a listed London Stock Exchange company? Innuendoes concerning due diligence is merely a ‘red hearing’ and International Standards are much, much more stringent!. Saki must be reminded that the present Bank of Zambia is completely different from the one that he would manipulate ‘at will’ during the time of the predecessor. .
And now what about Sakwiba’s madness and obsessive concern about the case of Weluzani Banda & others vs. Finance Bank Zambia? Is he the lawyer to the plaintiffs? He is aware that this case is in Court and it is sub judice. Is he not in contempt to continuously use paid social Medias to try to influence the judges and the public? Let him play the role, (if he is an officer of the Court) of allowing the burden of proof to be the responsibility of the plaintiff(s)!
The ridiculous and stupid claim about fraudulent transfer of FBZ shares is just one of the many lies that have since died. However, it is clear that the ‘learned’ author of the Zambia Reports letter to BoZ has not gotten over it. In clear terms, it is an act of madness for either the Ventriglia paid Zambia Reports or indeed their mentor Sakwiba Sikota S.C., himself to keep insisting on allegations that have made them so unpopular over the years. Do they need to be reminded that it was actually part of these machinations that led to the loss of power for the Movement for Multiparty Democracy? These tricks have not worked in the past but it is ironic that somehow, these criminals think they will suddenly miraculously work. They certainly do not have a conscience and remain blasphemous if they claim they belong to God.
Lastly, from the so called letter of fabrications to BoZ published by the Mafia Zambia Reports, it is clear that Saki and his cartel have not ‘gotten over’ the handing back of the bank to the legal owners. It is lamentably insane for them to argue that there are questions regarding the legality of the handing back of the bank to its owners when this was determined by Our Courts of law. . By now, all Zambians of good will perfectly understand what led to the fraudulent sale of FBZ under the previous government. Everybody knows that corruption was the beat of the sale and Sakwiba quite obviously was right at the centre as the instrument that developed fake charges against the owners of the bank. All these charges died with the collapse of the previous government.. For now, all that Saki and his corporate savages can do is publish all their malicious and false articles as a malicious propaganda on their Zambia Reports web site. They can’t do anything more than this. God is watching and so are we all!