Court Rulings will Keep Exposing the lies on Zambia REPORTS: CONTINUOUS MISCHIEF AND CRIMINAL LIBEL BY ZAMBIA REPORTS is DEAD matter

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zed repThe criminal and libelous activities at the Zambia Reports seem to persist. The savagery work of the criminals at the rogue publication has become common knowledge and no one is about to be fooled by their stupid concoctions. How do they honestly hope to make a living out of maligning the person of a man who has created a chain of businesses that have given a livelihood to some of our fellow country men and women? This is just patent evil. Their ‘faceless’ editors masquerading with Sakwiba Sikota S.C., and their sponsors (The Ventriglia Mafias) continue with their mischievous propaganda to malign, defame and scandalize the good standing of Dr. Mahtani for the sole purpose of justifying their ‘corrupt payments’ irrespective of the consequences.
It must be painful for them that the courts of law keep making decisions that are turning out to be an embarrassment and exposure of their evil activities. Having failed over the many years since their schemes were implemented with corrupt individuals in the ‘system’, they have resurrected themselves through a recent article headed ‘Mahtani may lose Raddison Blu’. What an absolute farce when this issue was resolved by due process through the Courts of Law. By the way, it is not the first time they are churning stupid propaganda about the hotel. The cooked the similar nonsense before the decision that led to the current ownership status of the hotel and they were to be embarrassed later on. Their suggestion on Mandenakis instigating the article is a mere figment of their imagination (as is their common practice) and the attached apology letter requires no further proof! (see here)
They recently also made blatant allegations on Dr. Mahtani bribing a judge? If there was any truth to this allegation why have they not submitted any proof or complaint to the Anti Corruption Commission and other investigative agencies? Their smear campaign on the Judiciary or on any person in relation to any matter concerning Dr. Mahtani should not go unchallenged and unpunished? Pity when you have ‘faceless’ editors that hide behind the curtains for fear of prosecution? Is this the freedom the press/media (without conscience or morality) enjoys?Apology letter (2)