No Amount of Malice by THE Faceless Zambia REPORTS will succeed Against Mahtani

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zed repClearly insanity has gripped the chaps at the Zambia Reports. Their obsession with Dr. Rajan Mahtani has totally gone out of hand and needs to be brought to check. The grossly malicious article on the Zambia Reports which ironically asserts that   Mahtani is posturing as owner of Finance Bank is just plain ironic and clearly difficult to come to terms with. How on earth does a thread about Mahtani claiming to own the FBZ ever make sense to any sane mind. Without doubt the Zambian Report is a sick joke and their insistence on maligning Mahtani continues to give credence to the view that they are nothing more than a stupid website managed by a stupid team of editors.

At best, the objective of the Zambia Reports on its most recent thread of malice is to find a way of creating some sort of contempt for Mahtani in the eyes of his new business partners and the public at large. However, it is extremely strange that the Zambia Reports is repeating maneuvers that have led to its loss of confidence among followers. People have learnt and they know that what the ZR does is nothing more than the work of mercenaries. They are dead dumb mercenaries who have outlived their usefulness.

Most Zambians of good will perfectly understand that, time has fully vindicated Rajan Mahtani and all the lies that have been peddled in the past against the renowned business executive have been exposed. Mahtani’s confidence in our country’s judicial process is impeccable. This is the reason why even when faced with malicious attacks; he has patiently pursued the course of justice. In the final analysis, we have seen a number of court decisions that have absolutely rebutted all the lies and malice cooked against his person in the past. This is not the first time that the Zambia Reports have written nonsense about Mahtani’s involvement in Zambia Portland Cement but the writing is on the wall; the law is just about to prevail and all the lies brought forth will die like the others that have died.

The point is that everyone involved in maligning Mahtani is yet to recover from their disappointment following the business trajectory that has been taken by FBZ. They will try to do all sort of things but all this will do nothing to hurt Mahtani. Over the years, we have learnt that what Mahtani has done in this country has become way bigger than him and his family. Without doubt, his businesses are a source of livelihoods for thousands and millions by trickle-down effect. This is not a man you obliterate; he has evidently built a fortress that is anchored on integrity and his faith in God Almighty.


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